Monday, August 26, 2013

Sprinkle of salt #2

I'd made the paper so it seemed to make sense to do something with it (I was supposed to just be tidying up my workspace but I kind of got distracted)
I'm not sure it needed the little leaves, but I'd put them on with little dabs of glue that showed up far too well in the picture to ignore ( I need to get hold of one of those adhesive erasers Christina (I think) had in one of the videos)

Sweet sugar-coated embellishments

Ah, glitter.
I saved this one until last as I just don't do glitter. I had to go out and buy some specially as I was determined to do all 10 challenges. And by the time I'd finished there was glitter everywhere - especially on me (and on the end of the nose of a very nosey cat)

I wanted the card to be very, very simple as I was scared that anything else would end up looking too gaudy with the glitter but, much to my surprise, I ended up really loving this card - glitter and all.
I might even invest in some better glitter (wasn't aware of the greenish tint to this one until I photographed it) so I can make this card again.

Stamp-a-faire closing ceremonies

It might not be the most glamorous of shots, but this bin was empty when I started on Saturday and look at it now!
There's glitter everywhere and little beads blown to the 4 corners; I've got through an entire tape runner and a whole sheet of foam pad; I've had cocoa, salt and vodka sitting on my workbench (which has turned slightly pink in patches due to insufficient shielding when using homemade mists) but is has been so much fun.
I attended Stamp-a-faire solo, but, having looked at the photos, will aim to change that for next year.
I did make a great variety of cards - some that worked straight out the gate, some that took some work (hence the bin full of rejects) and some that I will go back to now the deadline has passed to try and mend.
I'm amazed at the diversity you packed into 1 day - thank you all for your enthusiasm and inspiration.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Custom accents from the oven #2

It's true - I'm prevaricating as the only challenge I have left to do is glitter - and I so don't do glitter.
My justification for going back for a second go is that I bought the clear and the matte shrink plastics so I thought I really should use both.
So here is attempt number 2.
I sketched out a really big outline of the beaker and cut it out freehand, adding the stopper and liquid with copics before shrinking. Finding a PTI product slowed me down a touch but they're in there - dies from little labels and tiny tags; soft stone cardstock; plum pudding ink and the "happy halloween from tag-its"

Custom Accents from the oven

This challenge - Custom accents from the oven - was nearly the one that ended my attempt to enter all the challenges.
I watched Heather's tutorial - it looked so easy - so I thought I'd have a crack at it.
This was what happened when I tried shrinking the plastic with the embossing tool (despite the assurances that it would flatten out when done)
So, for the second attempt I used the oven instead and had much better results.
I don't have any big dies so I used the cricut to cut a 5 inch scalloped circle and then cut a circle out of the centre to give the wreath shape. I could not believe how much it shrunk!
Then the fun started. Heather had simply dropped beads onto her shape and set them in place. For every bead that stuck for me, at least 5 blew away or slipped gently off the side. And then I thought I'd try some shaved ice - oh the mess! 
However, the resulting wreath is very pretty so maybe I'll try it again when I've got a bit more time.
I then had 1 final problem. How do you attach vellum so that the adhesive doesn't show through? 

scent-sational cards

This challenge was totally beyond me by the time I got to it yesterday, especially as I checked and I don't have a single fruit shaped stamp (except a slice of lemon on tea for 2 additions - but that seemed a bit small to be basing a card on).
Happily I remembered this tag from one of the holiday tag collections and thought I'd have a go embossing with cocoa.
Choosing a stamp with little details probably wasn't the best choice when you need to double stamp (and you do need to use ink first and then the versamark as the colour just isn't strong enough without). And then I decided the tag didn't pop enough all in brown and I added the mug in terracotta tile, thereby covering the largest potential scratch and sniff area. But I had a go.....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Limited Ingredients

In the Limited Ingredients Challenge there were set colours and tools that we were allowed to use. This seemed like a perfect foil as I've just had to walk away from the shrinky challenge before I got totally frustrated so this was an opportunity to simplify - with not a grain of glitter in sight.
My Melon berry ink ran out just as I was finishing the bottom section to I had to substitute in a different brand. Not quite the right shade but close enough.


OK, I'm officially flagging at this point, and members of my family are questioning whether I plan on being unavailable all day.
For the Gallon:Quart:Pint challenge I chose Aqua Mist, Harvest Gold and Lavender moon for my 3 colours.
It worked OK, but dropping the handwriting lines stamp (and therefore leaving a stamp where I really didn't intend to) tells me I need a break and something to eat.

Sprinkle of salt

The Sprinkle of Salt challenge worked out much better than I'd hoped.

I had to use Distress inks which I think might have amped up the results somewhat but I had made the paper really quite damp to start with so that might explain it.
Once it was all dry I used one of Heather Nichols's design tips and overstamped with the postmarks background stamp and some white ink. I tried all sorts of ways of adding the sentiment but they all took away from how pretty the ink effect was so I ended up just using the Birthday die and replacing the die cut with the same word stamped in the lilac ink. It's very subtle but I love the effect.
If I wasn't hours behind the pace I would also make something with the word I cut out as it looks really lovely.

Mixing mists to match

I swear I didn't wake up this morning planning to make Christmas cards, but I think I'm being influenced by what's already out on my desk (time for a tidy up perhaps!)
This challenge - Mixing mists to match - had me stumped at first as I only had blue tinted rubbing alcohol, but then I decided that vodka would probably work just as well (as I have a very little mister bottle so I wouldn't be wasting a huge amount)
I had a number of attempts at this as the misted ink had a tendency to leach under the embossing so I ended up using a "spray and dab right off" method that helped save most of the detail on the trees.
It might not be traditional holiday colours but I've got a friend who will just love it.

Rolled Dough designs

Here's some hard learned advice for the Rolled dough design challenge
Wait until you're absolutely sure the dough has dried, and then wait at least 1 hour more (unless of course you prefer your dough to smear from one end of the die cut plate to the other!)
On the second attempt it worked a little better, but still smeared a little, meaning the stamp is lacking definition somwhat.

Tea staining techinques #2

I really should have thought ahead, but while my paperclay is drying I thought I'd play a bit more with the tea dying.

This card is also dyed with tea - but a hibiscus based fruity one which gave a lovely dusky rose colour. The felt, ribbon and string were all dyed in the same bowl but they have taken the dye is differing amounts, leading to variation in the colours. The little centre flowers were left in less long than the larger ones so they came out lighter.
The paper is all scraps from MME lost and found.

Tea staining techniques

Being an English girl born and bred (although transplanted in America over 10 years ago) I'm still an obsessive tea drinker (don't even think about putting cream in it). So Tea staining Techniques was the challenge I was most looking forward to.
I got a jump on this project by staining the background yesterday. I used a square of cotton buckram and dotted tea bags of varying strengths around to give different shades (chamomile, darjeeling, orange pekoe and earl grey if it matters - see, I said I loved tea)
I then painted on the trees and shrubs with very strong instant coffee and left it to dry. Once dry I used a dark brown marker to add some definition to the branches; mounted the whole thing on card with modge podge and them trimmed it to size.
"Foxy" also started out as cream canvas that was dyed with Orange Pekoe tea. His tail tip and eye patched are the un-dyed fabric.
Right, off for a cup of ..... well, you can guess.

Breakfast Bake and Take

A whole day dedicated to crafting - what a lovely way to spend a Saturday.
i'm playing along with Stamp-a-faire at Papertrey ink and the first challenge was made nice and simple with a color palette/sketch provided -Breakfast bake and take
I'm hoping I'll get a chance to go back to some of these as there are some great sketches in there but this was the one I was immediately drawn to (and I'm already behind on the next challenge so we'll see)
The snow flakes and tree are all from "Tree with trimmings" and the sentiment from Holiday tags.
Nice simple way to start the day.

Monday, August 19, 2013

SSS - Monochromatic

This week's challenge at Simon Says Stamp is Monochromatic
I decided to go with shades of aqua and all went well until I decided to add some shading around the edges and some scattered straw that was obviously still hiding on the tool leaked into the background. I'd call it a contrast element if that didn't undermine the whole idea of monochromatic.